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MAY 17, 2014

Photographer:  Sharon Haskan



Early Saturday morning I head out into the garden to start work on the set up--only to find my first guest.  The beautiful doe is helping herself to grapeleaves something like the dolmathas the people-guests will eat later in the day.

After laying new sod all day, beautiful Babs changed into a dress and helped out at the drinks table.

Zivio Ethnic Arts Ensemble is assembled,

the dancers are poised.

Shirin plays the zills.

Dancers whirl.

Sarah and Jan sing elegant Bulgarian harmonies.

Jim kicks up his heels with the rest

And plays bazouki and cumbus.  A man of many talents.

The new fountain as the center of the herb garden is another new addition of the day.





The Woman at the Well  Launch

August 20, 1011

Familiar setting and many of the same faces.  Photographer: Rod Daynes













I sign a copy of The Woman at the Well for a friend.

A summer's day picnic atmosphere with delicious munches greeted my friends and supporters.

The party also featured ethnic group dancing.

The band.

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