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Theatrical Works

My theatrical output rivals (my hero) Shakespeare's in quantity if not in number of productions, although I've had my share and won an OOBER (Jihad won Off-Off Broadway Review's Best New Play of 1996) and Tony by vague association (The Utah Shakespeare Festival did a staged reading of The Lamentable Tragedy of Sir Thomas More in 2000--the year they won the Tony for Best Regional Theatre).  Below is a list of plays, including at the bottom, my three screenplays, none of them produced.  More details, including scripts, are available if you email me.  One of these days I mean to publish a collection of ten or twelve of my favorites, but the theatre to me is a living thing, prone to rewrites for individual productions.



  • THE MIND IN THE CAVE workshopped by New Perspectives Theatre, New York

  • KITTY workshopped by New Perspectives Theatre, New York

  • THE LORELEI produced by the Wasatch Theatre Company in Salt Lake City, 2005; The Independent Eye in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, 1988; and by La Pense DISCOVERY! Theater in Seattle, 1981

  • THE LAMENTABLE TRAGEDY OF SIR THOMAS MORE workshopped at the Utah Shakespearean Festival 1999

  • JIHAD produced 1996 by New Perspectives in NYC. This play received the Off-Off Broadway Review's award for best new scripts of the season. Richard Lionheart and Saladin treaty in a tent in the desert. Starring: Collette Wilson (The Woman), Charles Loflin (Richard Lionheart), Albert Goudy (Saladin).  JIHAD was also produced by New Perspectives in Bogota, Colombia for the Festival de Mujeres en Escena 2015.  Thanks to cast an crew of that massive undertaking, plus the wonderful people in Colombia.

  • FIRE EXIT produced 1996 by Plays-In-Progress World Premiere Theatre, Eureka, CA

  • EVERY WOMAN BLUES was, in 1995, a finalist in Dayton's Futurefest as well as the Shenandoah Playwrights' Retreat

  • SIMOOM was finalist in the Jane Chambers Playwriting Award, 1995 and received a reading by Theater Artists of Marin, San Rafael, CA, 1991

  • A CHRISTMAS WISH received a staged reading at Hedgerow Theatre in Rose Valley, PA, 1994 as well as a reading at ALR Play Search in 1993

  • SOMEONE LIKE NO OTHER was a finalist in Cleveland Public Theatre's Festival of New Plays in 1993 and received a staged reading at The Common Stage Theater in Woodstock, NY, 1991

  • PAS DE DEUX was produced at Hofstra University on Long Island, 1993

  • THE PIPER MUST BE PAID was a semi-finalist in the Shiras Institute/Mildred and Albert Panowski Award, 1993

  • THE SOW'S BLADDER received reading at Hedgerow Theatre, PA, 1993

  • THE GIANTKILLER produced 1992 in Denver, Colorado

  • ACTING HEADS OF STATE was first choice in the finalist category of the ALBALT Play Search, 1992

  • SHADOW PLAY was semi-finalist for the Jane Chambers Playwriting Award, and in the Beverly Hills Theatre Guild--Julie Harris Playwright Award Competition, both 1991

  • THE DESERT AND THE SOWN received a staged reading by La Pense DISCOVERY! Theater in Seattle, 1980

  • EX CATHEDRA produced by La Pense DISCOVERY! Theater in Seattle, 1980 and by Theatre 138 in Salt Lake City, 1979, won the Utah Playwriting Competition in 1979

  • A FAERIE TALE produced by Salt Lake Acting Company, 1978 and won the Utah Playwriting Competition, 1977

  • TO LIFE won the Utah Playwriting competition and was produced by the Greenbriar Theatre in Salt Lake City in 1976









  • VOX POPULI - Musical libretto

  • JUST SO STORIES - Adaptations of Kipling's stories



  • MISTAKEN IDENTITY - based on the novel by Nayantara Sahgal

  • HOOD - Robin Hood in the modern inner city

  • LISA AND SHARON GET MARRIED (IN UTAH) - won third place in The Writer's Place full-length competition, May-October 2014,  chosen to participate in the Paragon Film Festival and the Oxaca FilmFest 2015

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